The Artist


2019 – Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfbK) Dresden – Meisterschüler Bildende Kunst bei Prof. Ralf Kerbach
seit 2016
: freischaffender Bildender Künstler in Dresden
seit 2016: – Mitglied im Künstlerbund Dresden e.V.
seit 2016: – Komparse Filmissimo & Filmgesichter u.a. in: 3 Engel für Charlie (2019), Sam – ein Sachse, Tár, Tatort Nemessis, Tatort Das Nest, Anne und der König von Dresden
2016Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfbK) DresdenDiplom Bildende Kunst/ Kurse in: Buchbindung, Traditionelle Fotoentwicklung, Kaltnadelradierung sowie 3D-Design
2015 – Kreacon e.K. – Freiberufliches Arbeiten in Berufen der Kreativwirtschaft
2011BSZ e.o.plauen – Staatlich geprüfter Gestaltungstechnischer Assistent für Grafik- und Kommunikationsdesign
1991 – geboren in Greiz

Artist Statement

In my artistic work, I dedicate myself to reflecting on a modern era in transition, navigating through the complexity artificial intelligence, the ambivalence social media and the acute Environmental problems - all topics that are on the doorstep of the future, ready to enter our room.

As part of the gothic scene, I immerse myself deeply in its aesthetic, which not only serves as a visual motif in my work, but also shapes the way I deal with content. Inspired by the emotionally charged works Edward Munchs, the expresive power Marianne von Werefkins, the critical perspective Wolfgang Petricks, the intensive painting Chaim Soutines and the compositions of my former professor Ralf Kerbachs, my expressive handwriting weaves a dense web of meanings that transforms figurative elements into almost cyborg-like figures.

My art is a window to what lies beyond words: a world in which feelings, thoughts and critical reflections speak their own language. Each of my artworks tells a story, reveals a truth or poses a question that touches and challenges me personally.

With my works of art I strive to create a Space for dialog to open - where viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a inner exchange to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings and to gain a deeper understanding of the pressing questions our time to evolve.

Plein-Air Malerei in der Dresdner Heide
Plein-Air Malerei in der Dresdner Heide

If you are interested in a possible collaboration on exhibitions or projects, you can contact the artist at any time by e-mail at dannyhermannart@gmail.com